Amazon complaint number

In this world of fierce competition, where companies are enormously competing against each other, the key to success is to satisfy customers at any cost. Due to so much competition, the customers have wide choice of switching to other companies without any cost. Thus, the companies need to develop strategies that should retain the existing customers and attract new prospects.

Studies have proved that customers who had bad experience with a company, will share their experiences 10 times more than the customers who had satisfactory experience. So catering to dissatisfied customers is very important for a company. The company needs to listen to customer’s complaints and queries and try resolve them. The 0800 numbers have been very cost-effective option for companies to deal with customer enquiries.

With 0800 numbers, companies can managed long term relationship with its customer base. Since 0800 numbers are free phone numbers, customers feel free to share their problems enquiries with the company. Calling on 0800 numbers inspires customers to call more in future as statistics proves that a customer is 185% more likely to call a free number than to a charged one. Recent studies shows that 0800 number company are more customer-focused and gives impression that they are more willing to listen to customer complaints. The companies having 0800 numbers are also considered more reliable companies than normal phone numbers. For a company a customer who complaint and dealt satisfactorily is tend to be more loyal than the one who has never complaint.

Thus, 0800 numbers have been very successful for handling customer complaints purpose, since retaining a daunted customer is more profitable for a company than a new customer.

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